Needing direction

I’ve been thinking about my writing direction. What is it? what does it mean to me? Why is it important? All questions that I feel the need to answer. Yeah, I’m looking for the answers but I keep coming up short.  What should be rather simple makes my heart race, brings confusion, frustration, and an anxiety.

I’m not completely sure what I want anymore or how to get here. What my goals are? how do I accomplish them? I need to take a step back, you know start to look at the situation differently. Take back that ‘ctrl’. Ctrl because I’ve been sitting with Sza’s new album of the same name and there is a connection. A refreshing sense of urgency like she is looking for something similar. Recalling experiences. Living through frustrations and failures. Being consumed by thoughts of inadequacy. So far the track, Anything is what resonates. read more

Everday Reprieve

I went away for awhile again. A short reprieve from actually posting. I needed the space to concentrate on life. Going to a wedding, time with family, no internet it seemed like a good time to just suspend posting for awhile. I also wanted that last post to sit. Think about my current engagement. Improve my social media engagement and look to what’s next.

Life is like that sometimes you just have to play catch-up. For no other reason at all then you decided to take a few days and be lazy. So let me catch you up on how life has been for the past week and a half. read more

Somber reflections

There was a vision for today’s post, but I’m just not feeling it. Waking up and taking in that we lost a legend, Chris Cornell, from Soundgarden puts me in a melancholy mood. I keep replaying the song Blackhole Sun as it is one that I constantly have in my rotation. The song centers me brings me peace and just helps me to focus.  I’m reminded of how short life can be, the precious moments that we have are what’s most important.  Right now not much is known of his death but we lost one of those unforgettable voices. read more

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About the Author

Quick bio: M. is a Project coordinator by day and a chaotic creator by night. Yes, he has an alter ego. He holds a Bachelors of science in biology. He’s moved from the lab to the office to improve the education of the future doctors of tomorrow. Follow him on Twitter @ss_headphones.

The StartI’m pouring my heart, soul, and passion into the keyboard, trying to capture the thoughts and feel sing that race through my Mind as fast as the bars of a twists flow. Jumping, moving, hand motions like a rap performance that’s what I am talking about. That feeling when you just know what you are doing is making a difference. If not for you than someone else. A vision bigger than yourself. Much like one of my favorite passages from Common’s biography, One day it’ll all make sense, read more

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Let me first tell you about why you are here. You ventured off the beaten path to stumble upon a small sweater and headphones, Welcome. Yes, Welcome to a place of intersecting perspective.

You came and did not realize that this is a place of music. Conversation. Reflection. Here I merge the lyrics of songs, rap bars, melodies found in the music of my life to my daily experience. These interaction shape my perspective. Like you, or maybe not feel the sense of panic, anxiousness, and anxiety in my words. The passion in my writing. The calm of the music. The passage of time. read more

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