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Welcome to the New Age

Well I took yesterday off to think about what I wanted to write in my next post. I started this blog to express my inner most thoughts that I want to say but most of the time I shouldn’t.

So yesterday I was excited to finish work for the week currently I am comtemplating what direction I want to move in with my career. Currently I am a project manager for A biotech and pharmaceutical research and development company and I am trying to determine if I want to go back into lab. I miss the quiet inner reflection and no knowing what the final outcome is that lab has to offer.

I also had a lunch conversation with my co-woker concerning the Paula Deen incident, but I digress can anyone name a person from the south that has not used the N-word. Come on now they are blowing this way out of proportion.

Today though I am looking forward to some shopping and a stress free day of just taking in life.
The title was inspired because I was listening to imagine Dragons-radioactive. I thought about what is the new age, or rather what is my New Age and it is one that I totally indulge in my missing creative side. I go back to the art, poetry, and analysis of life. The passion I once felt for the mondane and obscure.

My New age is here and now. Welcome and be prepared to experience it here , Eyes closed, Mind Open.

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