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Another Day in the sun

First off I want to say happy Pride day. This has to be one for the books with the recent verdict from the supreme court.

My day started off with a relaxing breakfast of cream of wheat with fresh fruit and coffee. Then I proceeded to mow the lawn..hmm house work.Home ownership is amazing, but when you have allergies and yard work you tend to want to procrastinate until this is absolutely necessary. I have a love/hate relationship with yard work as it is somewhat relaxing but means no matter what I have to take a shower afterword. Even if I have already done so. It is also time that I can reflect and contemplate the multiple ideas, issues and various other things that run through my mind. Today’s topics were blogging, upcoming birthday and vacation. I think I have a good idea about this stuff.

Next was then laundry. I am considering purchasing a tablet and really enjoy the windows 8 os.I have tried android, I own the original kindle fire. I also own a mac book pro so I am very familiar with apple and mac. I just love the beauty in Microsoft’s metro design and the productivity that windows 8 offers. Anyone have any tips,suggestions?

Well let call that a wrap for today. I’m spent and ready for bed.

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