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Social experiment

So, first off Good Morning everyone. On my way in for work today it was the usual Midwest weather looked perfectly sunny and raining. Several thoughts ran through my head concerning how work would go? what would I do today to keep myself actively engaged? and what this says about where I see myself in 5 years.

Yes, I am a working adult but an article that I recently read said that actively reflecting, reexamining, and reevaluating where a person wants to be in 5 years allows for more job satisfaction and a better career outlook. So I have been trying to put this into practice. Most recently I am trying to first determine the baseline of where I want or what I want 5 years to look like.

Anyway back to my thought concerning the social experiment. I am heavily into music, a true eclectic when it comes to understanding sound, emotion and feelings. So I am proposing for the rest of the month of July every Wednesday there will be a daily song that is examined and analyze though my scope and perspective. I really hope that my readers will comment and actively engage in remembering, living and experiencing this reflection.

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