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“That I can Confess”

I need another story
href=””> Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess

So the song I chose was Secrets by OneRepublic.  I did not think it would be this difficult to choose a song but I took my time in determining what would be a good song to start off with.

I choose this song because it allows for a real cross-section of how we reflect on the various interaction that we have with people of different cultures, religions, political positions and insights. The song challenges a person to examine themselves and evaluate what really matters. Who you are inside? What you want people to see? How you see yourself? These are questions that most of us evaluate and re-evaluate daily, myself included.

What I draw most from this song is that I am real. I present myself as a truly authentic representation of myself leaving all, inaccuracies, misconceptions to those that would have them, but to embrace myself with all my flaws. I present myself as a brutally honest and true self not acting as a sheep but a Shepard.

To be honest I find that whenever I talk about this song with others I tend to see the real attitudes and misconception. It makes me consider the different reactions that I experience in conversations with people and how they let other dictate and influence how they respond and react.I reason through the inner conflict of self discovery and exploration that this song speaks to making sure that a person opens up to the world and let all of themselves be shown.

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