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The curse of the Gifted

Sitting here I am trying to enjoy another day off of work my company took two days off for July fourth. I spent yesterday with family at a cookout. A standard family function. I took the time to have a real conversation with my cousin who is a graphic artist. The conversation was one of the best that I have had in a while especially since I rarely get to talk tech and art with people. He made me think about my job and why I do not use my free time to do things that I really enjoy. He manages a site in his free time which he publishes his own web cartoons.

I entitled this post, “the curse of the gifted” because there is meaning behind that statement. Being gifted is truly a curse sometime where you have the opportunity to share your talents and vision with the world but you must also balance the reality that you will need to have a job to provide for the daily necessities of life. In this sense a talent is a gift and curse, and in my eyes I have several the issue is trying to define what to do with all the thoughts that plague my mind. I find myself closing my eyes in order to keep my mind open and perceptive to the insights, comments, concerns and questions that I experience from my peers. I believe this will not only allow me to grow as a person but also in using my gifts.

Well I think I’ll go eat lunch and finish some projects that I wanted to get accomplished. Have a nice day all.

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