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To Wisconsin, with love.

Recovering from an eventful weekend. So I returned to Wisconsin for a wedding of a friend that was a long time in the making. I really enjoyed the time spent with friends that I have not see in three years. The first night was a rather late one, after driving 6 hrs I met some of these friends for a late dinner and drinks. This turned out really well as I was able to catch up some on what new things were going on in their lives and how they were progressing. Then on Saturday I attempted to go to the farmers market in downtown Madison, however there was also the art fair. I did manage to find a parking space and walk around a little before I had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for the 2pm wedding. I arrived at the wedding on the shuttle with 10 minuets to spare. This was great as the wedding started on time for the most part, perhaps it was 15 minuets late, but this was no where near the 2 hour long wait that I have had to wait for a wedding to start. So the wedding started, and finished in about 15 minuets. The couple had been together for around 10 years not that they are that old as they are early 30’s but it was well past time. Then with the main ceremony out of the way we partied well into the morning. It was an exciting time this was the first “country wedding” that I had been to. The attire was jeans and comfortable clothing being partly outside and partly inside of the “Happy Barn”. A beautiful rustic barn in the rural Wisconsin just outside of Madison. I met some very interesting individuals, a brides maid and her husband who is a coast guard, living in Mississippi. He was really funny and genuine. Then I also met this couple that lives in the same city as me and was really interesting being that one was a real estate agent and the other a Medical liaison who manages projects. So Sunday was not only the drive back that was really fast but also I met back up with the friends from Friday night and also some of the older friends that I have. There was a lot of eating as I met the friends from Friday with there parents who I am also very attached and fortunate to know for breakfast at this really good place called the Pancake cafe. Then I met the older couple of friends with there son who I remember being really young the last time I saw him at a really good coffee shop called Zuzu’s which was our hangout when I lived there.

The conversations with these friends and catching up was amazing and it made me realize though I really hated living in Madison, I really enjoyed the company that I kept there. I know that everyone must try and see the world for themselves to find the place where they will finally call home; however there are things about all the places that I have lived that I love and I must say that Wisconsin’s is the people that I left behind. Though I still keep in contact through Facebook , email and gaming. There are things that are lost in social media experiences. There are somethings that just need to be expressed, felt, see and experienced in person. The art of face to face conversation. This is what I love about Wisconsin it is a place with the small town feel, the love of the coffee shop conversation. So to those that know the place sound off what do you like about some of the places that you have lived. I dedicate this to Wisconsin, with love.

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