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Weekend Recap: Family values

Friday I really didn’t do much take it easy, especially after a long day at work dealing with the rigors of impending end of the month with metrics and financials. 

Saturday I went to see Wolverine, which was another exceptionally well written comic book movie. That afternoon I spent time at a state park walking and talking with my wife. We had a very engaging conversation on having kids and our future. With everything that has been occurring lately throughout the world these conversations have become more frequent as we take the time to really consider why we want to have children and set out our goals. I have been reading a lot of books lately on parenting and why to have kids. Most of these have been really beneficial, but the overarching point throughout all of these is that the better prepared you are with defining yourself as an individual, as a couple and where you stand on the tough issue the better equipped you are to handle the hard times. These conversations only help to reaffirm for me at least why family is so important and one of the reason why I love my wife.

Sunday I finishing up much needed yard work, mowing and trimming. Then on to washing clothes and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. all-in-all a good weekend.

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