Defining the intersection between listening and living

“I thank the lord that we are safe”

Stressed out, parents getting divorced, girl love ’em both, she ain’t tryin’ to sit in court
She a square so it’s hard to see the angle and that’s why God gave her an guardian angel, it’s me
And I’m here for her, swear to God that I’m here for her
Last nigga got her caught up in the airport, she ain’t had no prior, so she went and did a year for him

Prayer  as defined by Webster, “is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with a deity, an object of worship, or a spiritual entity through deliberate communication.” Lately I have been really thinking about my faith and what it means to me. For the week following my grandmothers death I played this song repeatedly contemplating religion, a higher power. It amazes me that life is always like that, when a love one dies you always look to religion for consolement.

Religion, the opiate of the masses. I was a catholic for the first 9 years of my life, then I branched out and experimented with other notions within Christianity examining what each offered me and in return what I could offer a higher power. What would they see in me.  The song “Pray” by Game featuring J.cole puts a great deal of things in perspective for me. Though I have explore different religious views and I have yet to find the one that I believe captures what I believe. Faith is an individual journey and one that each person must choose. In this journey there are those as Game says,

that’s why God gave her an guardian angel, it’s me. 

Those that are here just to watch over and be beacons for others. I strive to live journey being one of these beacons as my grandmother would have wanted. I believe that in doing so I not only honor her memory but forge a path and legacy of my own. Each time I listen to this song I replay my thoughts and feelings. Re-examining, re-affirming that what I have decide is the right path for me. I find myself, on bended knees praying that I am doing what I believe is right.

J.cole’s verse speaks to life and living, knowing that life is unpredictable. That in living experiencing and maturing from the unpredictability we can mature, grow and learn from some of the mistakes that we have made. Giving more reasons to pray, giving thanks for the things that we have, will have and will do. That we are here alive and well to make memories and forge our path.

Good girl at heart – I remember you well, I remember you well
Got a husband and kid, but I flirt, hope you do a little dirt cause I’m diggin’ you still
That’s real, but na you don’t text back and deep down I respect that
Cause even though a nigga wanna tap that shit, I don’t wanna be the one to wreck that shit

In listening and recounting the lyrics of, Game’s “Pray” off the Jesus Piece album there are several things that make one consider the circumstances of life all of which give way for a reasoning to Pray. The invocation of a rapport with a deity. In my case this is,God, for some it may not be, but this being a personal choice. take a listen and think about what it really means to Pray . A real prayer with a real meaning, an unparalleled honesty of deliberate communication. So I ask the question:

What is prayer to you?

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