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Vacation: Sunset in NJ

So my steady schedule to weekly blogging was thrown off schedule as due to the fact that I took a vacation with my in-laws these past six days.

Vacation as defined by, is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. 

In taking a vacation I planned to free myself from all technology and just relax it was six days away from, facebook, instagram, pinterest, wordpress and all other social media. Yes I had my phone but I did not check any of these. I took the time to sit on the beach with family, take picture and see the sights.

We do this family vacation every year and call it “birthday weekend” due to the fact that my birthday(7/18), my sister-in-laws(7/28) and my mother-in-laws(7/30) birthdays all take place in the month of July. It is a sort of tradition to get away and relax   at the beach to celebrate our birthdays, exchange gifts and just enjoy each others company. This year my sister-in-law got me a wine tour and tasting outing at a local winery. Generally I do not like wine there is something about it, the fact that I am overwhelmed sometimes that I can only smell alcohol. I am very into my sense of smell. So I tried to take the tour with an open mind looking for wines that I could possible drink while on a date or out. I determined I like the sauvignon. I find this refreshing with a great aroma. I told my sister-in-law thank you after the tour and tasting and explained that I found a wine that I believe I could drink at other times. I gave my sister-in-law a gift certificate and bought her some bath stuff at this cool little shop in the shopping district at the beach. I got my mother-in-law a nightgown and books she had requested. 

I only want to highlight a how we spent our days. Sometimes it feels as if people are bragging or rubbing in the fact that others have not had the time or the funds to take vacations so I often like to think about those individuals and not dwell on the aspects that would make other feel inadequate.  Most days were spent as follows:

    • Breakfast at our usual place with spectacular, Costa rican coffee!
    • Time at the Beach( between 1-4 hours)
    • Lunch at the Wharf, sitting on the dock watch seagulls and boats
    • Reading/Relaxation time
    • Dinner
    • Walk down to a closer beach to watch sunset and enjoy ice cream.

The vacation ended yesterday and I am now back at work. I have to say that everyone needs a vacation every once in awhile a time to relax, recharge and have fun. Returning to work isn’t so bad but I wish I had taken an extra day to recharge from the flight.

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