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Coarse and smooth: Life lines

As I sit on the long flight next to a palm reader,  she asked if I would indulge her and let her give me a palm reading. I say yes.  She begins by caressing my hands finding the inner crevices and creases that make the details apparent. There is a long pause as she thinks before she begins, she looks me in the eyes and says,

“your hands are those of a creator, dreamer and believer. Forge through the injections, graphite marks, indents from CO burns, divots from animal bites and  wells. The life line gives birth to a long life of many years, many hardships and a steadfast determination.”

She then takes another pause, looks down and then up at me again, smiles saying,

“These hands are crafted from the toils from lab work, roughed burned and made coarse from the rigors of life, made smooth through the gentleness, serenity and empathy reflected through the soft touch. Your Life line is strong, proud, empathetic, find your direction and make use of your talents”

I sit stunned for a moment looking at the palm reader, I smile and say thank you, resolute in my journey.



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