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Reflections Eternal: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

I reviewed today’s daily prompt. Knowing that today is my social experiment song release thinking that I know that I have a topic for today but I felt motivated to make today a day of frankness and sincerity. 

After reflection and contemplation this blog was created as an artistic outlet for the thoughts inside my head. A reflection of my inner struggles in defining myself. I am an artist, a scientist, idealist and a realist. These are my experiences, the world through my eyes. I reflect daily on why I created this place, who my audience is and who I want it to be. I have not yet found an answer. The posts from this blog are my daily thoughts on life, friends and the world as I experienced, adapt and create finding my niche.

I love science and scientific exploration and yet I have not yet determined where I want to take my career. I contemplate these thoughts lately and with the ever approaching thought of starting a family I found that I need a way of expression beyond that of sketching, reading and my tech enthusiasm. I wanted peer feedback. An objective party viewing my life in real-time, providing input.  I have friends but their life views are skewed and slanted as each has more personal issues to deal with.

I look at the blog as an extension of myself, an open letter to society and myself. I change the appearance often as I change clothes depending on the mood and feel that I want to project. I feel that the blog should reflect myself, my aesthetic, my sense of style and what I value. I am analytical and an idealist where I do look for the good I am realistic so the posts are sporadic in thought and my about bio changes frequently as I discover more aspects of myself or cement others.

The reflection eternal, as I look in the mirror reflects me. Honest, raw, sincere, and loyal as I write my thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears and my life putting words to the web. A conversation with the world this is me and my journey.

So reflections external: mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the person you reflect…Myself.

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