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BFF: Weekend recap

BFF as defined by the urban dictionary is an acronym for Best friend forever or Big Fat [Explicit]. I am ignoring the second meaning. So friday I drove about 6 hours after work to see my best friend in Kent,OH. He moved there in April to follow his dream of being a pastor of his own church. I have been his friend since high school and whenever we get together we seem to pick up exactly where we left off. Even though now we are both married and he has three kids it still feels like old-time. We discuss life our hopes and dreams. How each of us is doing and the frustrations we have.The relationship we have is very dear to me and it is reflected the same for him. You know it’s funny this weekend he commented that for the past several year I have always made it a point to visit him for his birthday. I really never thought about it but we have lived several places Wisconsin, Arizona, and Indiana and no matter where we were we would make it back to see him. Now that’s a friendship.

I know that he is there for me no matter what and the best thing about us is that we can be honest, about our wives, about kids, about family and about life in general there is an honest frankness that we share indiscriminately providing the necessary comfort and rawness for each other that no one else can. So we were there over the entire weekend driving back on Sunday afternoon. He smoked ribs on saturday and chicken on sunday it was nice. A restful weekend. I went to church for the first time, in quite some time to hear him preach. I must say that it was refreshing. To witness my friend doing what he loves leading a congregation, though small I can see the light in it.

I have to say all in all it was a very good Weekend. Relaxing, with my best friend and his family.

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