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Exercise: Weekend Recap

Friday I took it easy. I cooked dinner than chilled out for the rest of the day. My wife ended up going out with some coworkers for drinks and some seafood.

Saturday was easy-going as we got up and ate breakfast and discussed making a budget to work on getting several things paid off sooner as well as trying to get some projects around the house done. We ended up going over my aunts during the afternoon to visit with my niece. It was a fun time had by all we discover that there was a food event occurring downtown so we made reservation for a restaurant and had a date night. Good pasta, a glass of wine and dessert for two for $30 bucks it was a very enjoyable time.

So sunday I got up mowed the lawn at 7am then we chilled out my wife fixed breakfast, Blueberry pancakes delicious. Then we drank coffee and rested for a while. I have been meaning to get a gym membership and start working out as my wife already has one. Friday I did so and so sunday we went for a workout at the local YMCA. It was kind of hard getting back into things. I had to recall the difference between a set and a rep. Additionally I was trying to decide what to actually work on. Weight has never been my problem in the traditional sense as I have my father’s and grandfather’s high metabolism and do not gain weight. So my issue is trying to do strength building exercises and weight gaining techniques. In college I was a more avid exerciser and so I was more into it. So yesterday I decided to cycle for 15 minutes to increase my cardio, then moved to chest press(3 set of 10 at 50 lbs) then to row machine(3 set of 10 at 50 lbs). So by sunday late afternoon I was a little sore. We also decided that we would continually work out 3 times a week in the mornings for at least 30 minutes.

Today was day 1, I only did 15 min of cycling and (2 set of 10 at 50 lbs) for chest presses. I will look forward to September as the indoor pool is currently closed and that is when it is scheduled to reopen and I really want to swim. For me swimming gives me a more complete and well-rounded workout.

All in all a much-needed restful weekend of not doing much. The conversations this weekend with my wife were very enlightening as we really narrowed some important family planning decisions.

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