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New beginnings: A labor day weekend well spent

Friday: The beginning of a holiday weekend started with peace and relaxation. We went to the gym for our third workout day of the week. This was preceded by dinner which I fixed gyros. The night ended by relaxing in front of the TV.

Saturday: We took things slow got up fixed breakfast then ran some errands. Picked up a composting container. The garden we started earlier in the spring ended up with dry rot so we decided to use this as the start to composting. We wanted to eventually start composting in preparation to a garden for next year so we are just getting a head start on this. Saturday night we just chilled out and watched some TV.

Sunday: We chilled out one of my close friends had called and left me a message. I took the early part of the day to return her phone call and see what had been going in her life. We talked about being in the pharmaceutical and biotech field. About our growing interest in where we were headed with our career and then she told me about the promotion that she had just received. We had previously had a conversation where she told me what she was aiming for in her career and it appears that she is well on her way to achieving her goal of one day being an associate director for a biotech/pharmaceutical company. We finished our conversation with her, saying that if we ever wanted to move east she would make sure to help me get a job.

My wife decided to add a second coat of paint to the bathroom she was repainting. Then by the time she finished painting the second coat and me with my conversation it  was time to go to my aunt’s for a Labor day cook out. Her Husband fixed hamburger, ribs, hot dogs. The night concluded with my aunt announcing that she was moving to Texas because my uncle got a better job managing a food distribution company. So the night ended bittersweet on one hand, my aunt was embracing her new husband and life. On the other she was moving out west away from family and friends.

Monday: We spent taking it easy after waking up and continuing our workout regimen. Then we rested most of the day, I did laundry. Next during late afternoon we went to the store, the hardware store and mall. I needed to look for shoes to workout in. Additionally we needed new door hinges and bread and eggs from the grocery store. The night ended with my wife fixing chili for dinner and calling her parents to see how they were doing.

Wrap-up: While revising this weekend my memories are bittersweet, on one note my aunt is moving to Texas, to start a new chapter in her life with her new husband and my cousin who is just finishing up his last semester of college. Thinking about the family gatherings, the times shared, and the memories that were made I know that this is for the best and wish her well. I look at this as an opportunity for her as well as the rest of my aunts and uncles to move past the pain of loosing their mother earlier this year. It has been a sobering and difficult experience for all of them and though we will no longer be close in proximity we are family and will always cherish those relationships. So I end with Good luck. Experience life and live it to the fullest.

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