Defining the intersection between listening and living

“I’m getting it ain’t I? Obviously.”

Dreads hang on designer everything
Mr. Comme des Garçons, Mr. Alexander Wang
Mr. Chain, pinky ring, flow insane, ho insane
Man, these shoes I got on, these the hardest I’ve done seen
It look clean when you pour it; I remix it make it dirty
If she got good head and text me I text back and tell her “hurry”
This that category 5 when I walk up in the strip club
Throw it high, make you and George Washington head butt
OG’s never fed us, now young niggas fed up
Ballin’ so hard I deserve a and one
Baking soda marketing, I’m getting it ain’t I? Obviously.
You a bitch, you a ho, that’s just my philosophy
And I’m known to kick it like the captain of a soccer team
Billie Jean red leather same color Red Lobster
And she brain wash ya — head doctor
I’mma be fresh as hell if the Feds watching

Image as defined by Websters dictionary is  a tangible or visible representation . When listening to Fed Watching by 2 Chainz feat. Pharrell I start to consider my image. The image that I display to others specifically my professional perception. I have been doing a great deal of professional examination as I look to where I will go next. How will I move forward in my current field. What is my goal. Several weeks ago and just this past weekend I asked my friend again what was her vision of where she wanted to be. Her response was still an Associate director in Biotech/Pharma. I really started to consider what was mine. I am still wrestling with determining where I want to go. What my dream job is. I know I have a real passion for the Biotech/Pharma industry and the more I visit this song about how you should live for today.

The first verse referenced above, the line, “Man, these shoes I got on, these the hardest I’ve done seen“, the outward representation in my field is sometimes the best showcase that someone has the potential to progress. They hold innovative ideas and a business savvy that embodies the culture that some companies value. I endeavor each day to make sure that my image make me appear that I am the hardest that they have ever seen. Make it a point to present work that is outstanding.

The hook really captures the essence that people are always watching us. Whether we realize it we are being examined, our image is being projected and our work evaluated through the daily interactions and conversation that we have. In focusing on the professional aspects each opportunity should be taken to make sure that we appear, Fresh as Hell when the “Feds” are watching. We put our best foot forward so we are a reflection of innovation and progress with every interaction.

I’mma be fresh as hell if the Feds watching
I’mma be fresh as hell if the Feds watching
I’mma be fresh as hell if the Feds watching
Drop top, head bopping

The second verse for me speaks to the progress made. The journey or direction a person sets in order to achieve success. Sometime this direction includes many obstacles that must be overcome and sometimes it is rather easy . Seeing the top allows us to envision, plan and execute the necessary steps to make the most progress toward the direction we have set . Specifically you can point to the verse found below there are several references to the top and how once captured it is about striving to progress further. 

Grams to Grammys, two guns Yosemite

Niggas put their Glock on your ass, fuck that Heather B
Pumping that amphetamine, all this D I’m peddling
I be somewhere settling, somewhere that you have never been
To the top you never been, you might need a respirator
Money on the rise like I’m counting on a elevator
You gon’ need a detonator swimming with them barracudas
Close the docket on that ma’fucka prosecutor
This Armani, this Givenchy, I parachute you
I’m so fly I jumped out the air wearing Gucci (Tell ’em!)
I’m raw, talking California Rolls
Smoking California weed with California hoes (Truu!)
Sending flicks to my partners in the state pen
I just got some pants made out of snake skin
See them shades you got on called Ray-Bans
And the shades I got on cost eight bands (damn)

While listening to 2 Chainz, “Feds Watching”, I have thought and examined the notion of professional image and direction. I still have not set my binoculars on what I want to strive for but in contemplating and making every interaction count I know that whatever I set as my dream job it is about maximizing opportunities. Treating every interaction as if the Fed are watching. The Intro I believe sums it up very nicely,

Tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Ain’t no such thing as tomorrow
The way we living today

This is because you must treat every day as your last and live it to the fullest. While some may not enjoy the song for today, I venture to say take a real examination of yourself and the song if you have a chance to listen.

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