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Block Party

Well after a what seemed like a long weekend this my second day back at work and while normally Tuesdays are refreshing this one just seemed hurried. I worked from home the first part of the morning then a dentist appointment followed by going in the office.

After the hurried day, I sat down and took time out to think about lessons learned, new experiences had and what a good weekend this was:

  • Friday was workout day it was spent at the gym then taking time to rest.
  • Saturday we relaxed talked about projects that we wanted to get done on the house. We also ran some errand and went grocery shopping. We stocked up on food because my wife wants to tryout some recipes from Pinterest. The day ended with us going to a neighborhood block party in which I realized that my supervisor lives in the same neighborhood. The party was fun I was able to introduce my wife to my supervisor. It is interesting when coworkers meet your significant other for the first time. I also was introduced to a few other new people all intelligent with interesting stories.  I always find it amazing to find people with interesting stories and journeys.
  • Sunday was spend relaxing. We pretty much took it easy and did a bunch of nothing.
  • Monday was a normal Monday at work. Then that evening we had bee window out to the house for an estimate on doors and windows. It wasn’t surprising to me at the cost but my wife was amazed at how much it would be but it was just a quote to get an idea of what we wanted to do.

So all in all this was a good recap of my weekend and the journey and stories that I was privileged to experience.

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