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Weekend Workout

The weekend just flew by as most do but this one seemed to go by extra fast. I spent this weekend working out, doing yard work and trying to recuperate from all the work.

My weekend proceeded as follows:

  • Friday after work we opted to skip working out as we were going out to a bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After a couple of hours a good meal and some drinks we went back to my house to play a”The Big Bang Theory” themed version of “Apples to Apples”. This was fun after several games played we decided to call it a night. A fun time was had by all and everyone really got a couple of laughs.
  • Saturday we got up and went to work out. I started my second day of squats. I was able to nearly reach my body weight. Then the rest of the day we spent cleaning up, but before that we narrowed down when my in-laws were going to come in October and I talked to my aunt that was selling a pool table. We settled on my in-laws coming the weekend leading into Columbus day and I told my aunt that we would take the pool table. We decided to try one of the dishes from Pinterest too, It turned out really well.  up on food because my wife wants to tryout some recipes from Pinterest.
  • Sunday was spent doing yard work after a wonderful breakfast of my wife fixing Pumpkin pie french toast which was amazing, and watching Sunday Morning on CBS. I needed to mow the lawn. I finished mowing in about an hour as usual. Then I decided to use the new edger/trimmer that we had gotten. I did this until the battery ran out. I mostly finished the yard. I will have to go back and do some touch-ups here and there but all -in-all the yard looks good if I do say so myself. I also started and finished Wreck-It Ralph it was a really good movie, rather relaxing which is just what I needed. We were so tired we ended up just getting dinner out.

    Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

  • Monday was a normal Monday at work. The morning before work was the usual work out but I tried to take it easy as I was sore from this past weekend. Once I got to work though I realized that I was really sore. So once I go home I pretty much took it easy though I wanted to finish the touch-ups on the edging and trimming. I opted to do this sometime during the week. We fixed dinner a chicken and zucchini dish which was quick, easy and delicious. the day ended with me passing out.

I call that a good weekend and start to a week. I have a guaranteed pool table for a deal in the future and I got a great deal accomplished. I would say that this was a good one.

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