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“Reflections: Standards & Ballads”

Pure as defined by Webster’s dictionary as “having a smooth and clear sound that is not mixed with any other sounds”. Pure this was just what I needed today a calm understanding of purity without any hindrance. So after much thought and consideration I chose to write this at the end of my day instead f the usual morning post. I decided to change because of the purity and clarity that the end of the day allows. I tend to have a stillness that allows for a freer expression of ideas and concepts that is sometimes hindered in the morning.

Today was exhausting long, after meeting upon meeting and being tasked with finding a way to train a possible replacement for my current position in the case that I decide to change jobs I have struggled to focus and calm myself. throughout today I have listened to various genres of music and artist and the one that I have stuck and repeated most often is a song by Wynston Marsalis. “Reflections” off of Marsalis’ album Standards & Ballads provides a listening experience of  purity unfettered melodic of bliss.

In “Reflections” Wynston takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotional experimentation. This roller coaster ride allows the listener to dive inside themselves and take the time to reflect, conceive and birth ideas. I find that I am able to reach inside myself and allow my ideas and creativity to flourish when I listen to jazz music. I thought about purity a great deal today, not just in the traditional sense but in a more figurative sense of what is pure to me. The calm pure reality for me is enjoying the journey. The  ups, downs, progress, loops and the climax before the calm. Take the time, a moment and the purity that jazz music lends to others allowing for the expression through multiple outlets. In thinking about my current job and what I faced today with trying to come up with training plans , possible ways for improvement and knowing that this was coming the music allowed me to still myself. I determined that I would take the time out to look for what is next pure and simple. So if you have a chance  or opportunity to listen and take in the purity and calm of a very talented jazz musician take a listen to the experience which is Wynston Marsalis.

Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis (Photo credit: volume12)

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