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So there are many things that I have mulled over this weekend. One of those is the concept of passwords and how these sometimes define the access that we have. Choosing a password is an intricate and delicate process we must abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by a system administrator and yet choose something that is unique, memorable and difficult all at once. I have standard passwords that I use and I realize that this is definitely not the best process. This is not for the lack of thought and memorabilia but because I am found of the once I chose. I am trying to come up with another and it has become rather difficult, in looking back over this weekend as I usually do it is funny to me how passwords are what come to mind.

My weekend proceeded as follows:

  • Friday after work we opted to skip working out we just did not feel up to it due to my wife staying home from work with stomach issued. It was a quiet evening at home relaxing and taking in the lessons learned over the course of the week. We thought about what we would do over the weekend and what needed to be accomplished besides the usual laundry, dinners and shopping.
  • Saturday we got up  milled around and then went for a walk at the park near us to get in our cardio before our workout. Then we went to the local YMCA and got in our strength training workout as is usually done during the week. Next we went over my aunts to get some fabric and sewing stuff to finally test the combined sewing and embroidery machine I bought my wife for Christmas(it was ordered early because of the great deal I got). The day ended with us going back home and fixing dinner. I received a password change reminded and started thinking about passwords and their significance.
  • Sunday was spent doing nothing too difficult by myself. I cleaned and watched movies. My wife went with friends to an apple orchard to pick apples and get apple cider. I am not a big fan of this activity so I opted out. Over the course of the day I spent more time reading and thinking of how intricate to make a password. What should it represent? should there be a hidden meaning? it is hard to create without experiencing the creative process. The night ended with a quick trip to Kohl’s to by an additional kitchen mat because it was on sale.
  • Monday was a normal Monday at work. The morning went by fairly fast and I spent the down time I had working on my résumé. After a conversation with a friend I decided it was time to update my résumé and really put some effort toward my professional development. I thought more of passwords today and how to really make a meaningful one. The use of substitutions, numbers and letters, abstract characters to really keep them guessing.

While I am still trying to think about a change for my password I have made some progress determining that it should be a phrase. Now I just need to decide what type of phrase and its significance. For me I can only remember things that have a significance to me and it is all about making this work. The overall course of the weekend and the beginning of the week was really good taking the time to think and live life as always. I really want to start a discussion on tattoos and thoughts, possibly other topics as I begin to use this blog to further experience my inner thoughts.


Passwords (Photo credit: paul.orear)

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