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So lately I find myself revisiting previous posts, comments and I feel like I have let myself and my readers down. In some respects I feel that I have not fully opened up to the entire concept of blogging, and I am not sure how to really engage myself in a dialogue with my thoughts. Then I think that one of the issues is that I find it hard to just put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard in this case to express some of the thoughts, comments or feelings that I have.

It reels like I have not truly found a sense of direction for which to convey my overall purpose or ideas. I have wrestled with the concept of voice lately. I have read a several articles, a book or two and some blogs trying to get a true sense of what mine could be and I still cannot decide what it is. It is an unsettling feelings for me when I know what I want to express though I am unsure of the most appropriate means of expression. I review the variety of posts that I have made and the pages I have and it gives me an empty feeling like something is missing.

I regularly struggle with writing my post, though I sit and write and then make time to revisit to clean them up. I still am unsure that I will find my voice and style anytime soon. While I am a novice to blogging, there is something to be said about the free expression that it offers. I read many blogs and posts on WordPress  to get a sense of the community that I decided to join. I know it is hard and that there are some that have done this for years. I still feel like that has to be something that I can do for improvement. I want to really bridge the gap between what I am thinking and feeling , and what is actually expressed. I sometimes feel as if this is lost because of the way I tend to structure my posts and lack of voice.

So I have to ask anyone have any ideas, hints, tips that you find beneficial?

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