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English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is t...

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. This process is paramount to all life as we know it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I revisit and speak a great deal on introspection in many of my posts. I just saw the Weekly writing challenge and knew that I had to do this post.

For me most of my life thus far has spent examining and analyzing my DNA. I am by nature a scientist, a researcher it is a part of me and defines a very detailed oriented aspect of how I view the world.
It starts by examining the guanine in the change, signifying the lineage and legacy that I carry passed down through my paternal grandfather, Milton Jr.,  you see while I choose to focus on science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical development. My grandfather’s passion was religion researching in the hopes to one day write a book. Then looking at the meticulousness that he passed to my father and he passed on to myself is almost like a hunger for knowledge. I sometimes reference, Sylar from NBC’s television show heroes(canceled), in the same respect he wanted to know how things worked I have struggles to know how things work focusing primarily on science. This is just one of the many things that I see staring back at me when I look in the mirror I see a great deal of things staring back at me. My paternal side gave me a lot of gifts art, creativity, introspection, reservation but it also gave me vices, a high tolerance to alcohol, divorce, introversion and a stillness. I love that this all makes me the person who I am.

My Maternal side gave me just as many things. I stare long and hard realizing the small intricacies past the eye brows, the nose, the lips, ears the defining mole. I see a foundation laid by the harsh realities of being raised as the oldest, with a name steeped in a legacy by a single mother with two younger siblings. A mother that made sure to impart the lessons of honesty, hard-work and perseverance. My mother  and her mother gave me the thirst for education, compassion, empathy and a self awareness that knows no limit. I thank them everyday that I am so blessed to have these.

Noticing the touches of my fathers meticulousness, intelligence, and creativity and my mothers honesty, hard-work and determination makes me happy. The culmination of which is my reflection staring into the wide-eyed realist that I am.  Life has taught me a many things most of which are the pain and sadness that come from living a life full of joys and partings. I further stare deeper still knowing that these are components that only tell a the story of a partial person still yet to be totally defined. A person crafted with a creativity and optimism poised to take the work in the palm of his hand.

My hope for the future is to pass these things all good, bad and realistic to my child making them a

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