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Birthdays, Car trouble and preparation

So there a great many things that I enjoy in life and one of those pleasures are when my in-laws come to visit. Unlike some I really enjoy the company of my in-laws as they always provide a wealth of knowledge, great insight and a good time. So as always the weekend has come and gone and while I was not able to get everything that I wanted accomplished, I did manage to get some of my to-do list down.

  • Friday after work we opted to skip working out we just did not feel up to it. We ran a few errands and went to a nice local ice cream shop, where I tried their seasonal Georgia peach flavor and my wife enjoyed pumpkin. We had a nice peaceful relaxing date night and beginning to a weekend.
  • Saturday we got up went out to breakfast then went a few places to pick up a few supplies that we needed. We then went to the YMCA as we did not go on Friday to continue our weekly workout regimen. I am finding that I rather enjoy working out and while I have not yet really set a goal of what I want to achieve I do find it refreshing just working out. We ended Saturday by attending my great-aunt’s 85th birthday party. Now this was an event while I did not recall most of the people there they at least knew who I was it was great seeing and spending time with family. It was a nice adult setting with after 6 attire, a buffet dinner of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, fired biscuits and apple butter with a full bar and Birthday cake for dessert. The DJ played a mixture of old classic and new music in the blues, jazz, R&B genres.  A good time was had by all. The nice thing about age is that it get better I hope at the age of 85 I am looking and getting around just as good as my great aunt.
  • Sunday we had breakfast that morning then went to get groceries, look for a new shower curtain bar, visit the hardware store for concrete sand and then the normal laundry and house cleaning. I went to a bar to see a professional wrestling event that night with the guys. The event or atmosphere was really good; however the night ended with my buddies car not wanting to cooperate at 11pm that night. He backed out of the parking spot and attempted to pull forward we heard a loud clank and then it appeared that the parking brake would not disengaged. We spent about an hour trying to figure out what was actually the problem but once we did it seem that the car “magically” released the parking brake and we were able to drive home. I finally got home at 12:30 and in bed. I was irritated and exhausted.
  • Monday sucked I forgot to set my alarm because of the chaos from the night before; however my wife work me up in enough time to get to work on time and start my day. I ended up getting a caffeine headache all day. It was just one of those days where you didn’t really want to have to talk or deal with people and get your work done. I made it through most of work with only minor irritations; however, one of my direct coworkers made up an excuse like he has done for the last several weeks why he could not eat lunch with the group. This would normally not bother me but he continually wants to express to others how he is not included or liked. When he does things like this it only perpetuates this as you cannot make up time at the beginning of the week because our company does not allow hours to carry-over.  Well I tried to let it go and move past it but it was something that still bothered me. That night my wife came home-made spaghetti for dinner, then we took a nap. The day concluded with a late night workout at the YMCA then bed.

The weekend and week start was one of mixed emotions and occurrences. Though the week started with irritations and frustrations I have a networking event tonight that I am looking forward to. Birthdays, car trouble and preparation was the main things that I wanted to get accomplished this weekend and during this week. I still have things that I need to do to prepare for my in-laws visit at the end of the week but I will get those done. I  believe my friend got his car check out so everything there is now in working condition and the birthday party was fun. After all a weekend with family and friends is well spent no matter what happens.

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