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Starting over….Thank you

Resolution, as defined by Websters dictionary is the state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.  Setting a new year’s resolution for me is difficult while I want to ensure that it is something that will actually be accomplished, I also want it to be something meaningful.

I have been revisiting the things that I wanted from last year, career choices, family , and life. Examining each idea, concept and choice is rough especially when you know that some of the decisions you made let to the outcomes that followed.

I started thinking about my career, I mean really thinking about my career. What I want, what I need and how I intend to get there. A lot of books I read and articles say to write it down post it somewhere that you see it daily as this helps to motivate and drive you toward achieving it. My thoughts this is utterly stupid and lame. I tried this for about a month sometime ago and around week 1 or 2 I wanted to rip the notes from their positions and immediately put them in the trash. While this may work for some, it does not reconcile with the realist in me. I believe we forge our own paths based on our convictions and decisions.

Choice a Blessing and curse but all that we have. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what I do to an extent but I really want the next year to be about definition. Defining career, reconnecting with my inner creative and honoring family.  

Family a strange concept that we each personally define. This can be actual blood relations, close friends and exception people in our lives. I am loyal above anything struggling to navigate what I have determined as family. I justify decisions of family based on happiness and I am beyond happy. Blissful is the word that I would use to describe where I am with family. I found out we are expecting our first child. While the thought stresses me out a little, I think it is the right time. 

Over the next year I intend to restructure my blog. I wan to really give you an introspective view of my thoughts, feelings and excursions. This is my journey as my inner creative begins to resurface through sketches, photography and videography I want to give you the window to that piece of my soul.  The aim is a foresight, seeing before it is finished. 

The intent is to transform this restructure by cutting the cord, while to an extent I will find this hard at first I believe that this is a better use for my time and energy. Using the extra time on baby preparation, creative inspiration and reflection.

I asked my readers once before to go on this journey with me. I now ask you to be patient. Getting my soul out is the mission and this is the canvas. Follow along with me as I sketch the ideas of a dreamer.

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