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So I have been on this idea of friends lately, trying to consider couples with which to have more interaction with. It is hard when most of my personal friends that I spend time with are single. Single friends add a different dynamic to a relationship and perspective not a bad one just different. There are concepts, feeling and situations that they do not understand being that they have not been in my current situation.  My goal is to attempt to make some more couple friends that me and my wife could spend time with and socialize on a more personal level. While we do have couple friends most of them are not in the same stage of their life. Some are not married, some are married and some are married with young children. These differences add a level of complexity to conversations and perspectives that amaze and fascinate me.

This curiosity reminds me of this past weekend,  when I got a taste of what an over 30, couples party looks like. A lot of liquor and a lot of shame. Not that this is a bad thing but I was amazed that these late 30’s early 40’s parents were partying like college students.  I realize that a great variety of ways to have a party and most of these involve large amounts of liquor, but it just tends to be in great excess in my opinion. Not that I do not drink I do, I just also tend to self moderate. This leads me to the next activity for an adult Birthday party, we endeavored to play the game ” Cards against Humanity”, the game was fun; however, utterly inappropriate but fun none-the-less. This got me thinking is this what I have to look forward to with the gaps in between events for my child and work?

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  1. amediablogger February 27, 2014

    There are so many ways to party and have fun! Life begins at 40 and I guess by then we realized that self moderating is not much fun! HA!

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