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Absentee blogger

So lately, I have been an absentee blogger. I have just been quietly reading and commenting here and there while reflecting on what I should be writing about. It has been difficult with all the baby prep and making sure that I have everything for the upcoming birth of my child. I feel that this is my top priority while also making time to relax and distress as work become more chaotic.

I took the time to map out several times that I want to work on improving my blogging and the experience for my reader. Additionally I am working on 4 music posts, similar to earlier post but slightly different. Being that my mood constantly changes I think I am going to examine not just specific songs but artists and albums. Each puts me in a different mood so some of these will relate more to a day and will be a compilation of songs, lyrics and artists. I think you may enjoy this on a more personal level.

I will leave it at that for today..



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