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An image of Beauty

Since my wife has had the baby we have had a great deal of conversations about how she looks. Let me stop here for a moment, comparison of women between the social norm or what the media has determined of conventional beauty is nonsense. I have always had my sense of style, confidence and flavor. I know that it is hard especially since there some of the other couples we know that also recently had a baby and lost most of that weight if not all. I can only say that every woman is different. Each is individually beautiful in their own right.

This morning I was listening to music as I normally do and I just so happened to start playing Wale’s Lotus flower bomb. An innocent interaction between a man and a woman. This really got me thinking about how I look at situations where I judge other solely based on appearance and I thought that while I do have personal preferences I can say that all people have a sense of beauty and are beautiful. It is up to each one of us to find our beauty whether this is a reflection of inner beauty or embodied in an outward appearance of beauty. After I finished listening to lotus flower bomb and contemplating innocent male/female interactions I switched to another station and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy just happened to be come on this made me think of the video and how there are so many representations of beauty and just the raw feeling of being genuinely honest about how I view beauty. I hold inner beauty to a higher standard not that I disregard conventional physical attraction it just comes secondary to getting to know someone. I know this is one of the reasons why conversations with my wife about weight and how she looks are hard. The reason is I will always love my wife, case in being our first dace song that I picked out was my Musiq Soulchild, Don’t change, because I really do believe that I will love her no matter what. Sometimes I feel that we put a little too much pressure on ourselves to measure up to our friends, co-workers and family when it comes to things that we feel anxious about, sometimes you just have to let it go and live.

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