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A day at the movies

So it’s been a while since I had the opportunity to hang out with my friends with the birth of my child and taking care of my wife I’ve been a little busy with life. So this weekend I made time to hangout with them as we had previously planned to go see “Guardians of the Galaxy” when it came out. I’m glad that my In-laws were in town it thankfully afforded me the ability to keep this outing. With them being in town I at least felt that my wife would have  some help and support if she needed it. I do not like leaving her alone with our child I there is anything that I can do about it.


That being said Saturday morning after eating breakfast with my family I met my friends at the movie theater and we took in a movie then got lunch. This is normally our routine when we schedule to get together. We all enjoyed the movie commenting that this is so far the best marvel movie to date. One of our reasons was because we not only enjoyed the story and that the characters were more than the standard hero types but the music was incredible lending to the immersion in the characters backstories and overall tone.


guardians_of_the_galaxy_poster_crop Another reason we enjoyed the music so much was that it provided pieces reminiscent of our childhood and the days we would run free reminding us of the simplicity of high school. I have to say it was a really good time, watching a great movie and socializing with them. I really enjoyed the walkman and the cassette as I had an identical one as well as how mixtapes were featured considering there are a lot of kids today that do not even know what a mixtape is. 

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