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Sentence, Word choice…Motivation

What is in a sentence? Connotation, context, thought, and perception. In choosing our words we string together a conscious thought providing insight into ourselves. Insight into our motivations, our hopes and our dreams.

Sometimes these are clear constructs of our intension,  while at others these are vague and convoluted  representations of self. Lately I have been taking the  these concepts  to heart. I experienced a communication project discussion where it was brought up that phone calls and written letters are lost forms of communications. While someone of an older generation remarked on a conversation with there child where they justified that social media was making this better because we had to be more selective of our word choice since many platforms limit characters thereby making us better communicators.While I am not completely sold on this there is some truth in the matter.

In posting to many social media outlets I find myself becoming more aware of word choice and sentence structure. The amount of time that I spend in crafting ideas has become somewhat exaggerated due to my attention to details in this matter. Lately I have also been paying close attention to word choice in the many articles that I have read. The motivations are conveyed more strongly to me as I am focusing on the words chosen and the sentence structure.

Motivation what moves people to make the decisions that we choose . The decisions that shape our lives. We all have times when we would like to blame on others, situations or just life but we are the authors of our journey.

Over the last year I stopped watching TV. Not all but most. I especially stopped watching the news. I made a decision to use this time to concentrate on some of the hobbies that I enjoy. While this does separate me somewhat from current events.  I do not mind this separation, sometimes I do find it annoying when that is the topic of conversation but I have moved to twitter other social media for news. I find that this gives me a snapshot of the current events that are relevant but also separates me from the repetitive nature of TV news broadcasts.

I find that in doing this I only see the stories that are worth my attention.  Most people on post news stories that interest them or have started some sort of debate. These are the topics that I feel are the most essential. Most of the time when I did watch the news they commented on what was happening on social media, anyway so I figure I eliminate the middle man. I know that others would find that this is not for them but I have made it a goal of mine to more appropriately use social media to my benefit.

In moving to social media for news I have also started to increase the amount of articles that I read on-line.  The articles that I have focused on reading lately have had a varying range of topics. I am just reading for the sake of reading. In the various articles I’ve read I have started to try and open myself to new things. Looking into more blogs that focus on life. Reading the sentences that are formed and depict someones journey is enlightening. Choices and discussion as the author tells their story.

Reading so much lately I started to want to get back to words and sentences. Focus on writing meaningful( at least to me), blog posts. This took me back to middle school and the art of narration. I used to do speech competitions. Speeches and Oration was something that always was fascinating. The power of captivating a crowd through voice, sentence, tone and subject. I want that from my blog, to have my voice influence others. I want to spur creation through voice. So I will continue to concentrate on a sentence. Refine and create ideas.

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