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The idea of organization and planning sometimes leaves me at a loss. While at work I am very diligent with planning, forecasting, reviewing, follow up and making sure that the small intricate details are taken care of.  This leaves little to no motivation for such things once I get home,  the sad thing is that I enjoy process improvement, implementing efficiencies, organizing to make thing better however at the time especially lately this seems like an incredibly arduous task. I pick up my daughter from day care and head home awaited by a mail table over-run with mail, a living room full of toys, and an office with several stacks of unsorted and unfilled paperwork.  Greeted by the chaos and unorganized mess I just have to shake my head and move forward. Most nights I do not feel like I have neither the energy nor the time to get these things organized and put away. Additionally I need to spend time working on the family budget and other home improvement projects. Being that a part of my job that I love the most heavily focus on being organized and delivering information  quickly I feel that I need to also do this at home to get back on track, focus and get motivated to continue with my career development and creative exploration.
There are several things that I thought about when starting this most would probably say that the physical organization of the paper stacks would be the easiest but I wanted to start with the most mentally taxing activity. I enjoy numbers most of the time when I tackle problems or puzzles looking at the numbers make things more simplistic. The physicals organization will help me with breaking up the metal exertion and just give me a break from looking at a computer screen since most of my days are spent doing this for work. I started thinking about how my thought process works and how lately my thoughts have been rather chaotic and all over the place. Most days my mind constantly wanders from one topic to the next in an instant. While sometimes this is good  as it allows be small focal points to get simple tasks done quickly. These are more prolonged occurrences that do not allow me to have time to accomplish all of my ideas. I decided to take each task separately, then I would be able to clear my mind and focus.

Monday I revisited the budget that I had. I have been through numerous tools and hacks for creating and maintaining a budget from an expanded excel sheet to quicken. So far none of these have stuck as the initial time that it takes to set up and maintain require too much time and effort for me to continually update information. I tried Mint and while I enjoy the utility it is not as useful as I had hoped. I currently still use this as a means to check information on the fly without having to visit multiple sites to get information. I decided to go back to You need a budget software that I was using last year; however I decided that I would start fresh. I saved and cleared the current budget, then went to their site to watch the video and read up on the method again. Since I want to make sure the process sticks this time I am not just going through the motions. I am going to give it my all by starting at the beginning. I want to make the next year a lot better mentally and financially for myself and my family. This also allows me to focus on what things are most important and what is not. The details person in me will not just let me half-heartedly start this anew without knowing what I should be doing. Reviewing the core principles and method on the site I was able to understand where I had gone wrong in my previous budgeting exercises and what I needed to do this time to make it stick.  The devil is definitely in the details, this is true at work and home as I am making sure to dive headfirst in this organizational process. So equipped with the knowledge to create a useful and effective budget I completed this and while I am still working on making sure that this is going smoothly so far so good.

Since I am still currently working on the budget trying to be thorough I formulated a plan to tackle filing.  By first sorting, separating and dividing all the documents into categories then placing them in folders to get a handle on what I need to file, where they should go and what is the most appropriate label so that they are readily available when I need them. The plan is to accomplish this in the afternoon when I am first home over the course of several days. This would allow me to set-up several piles of folders and determine in what places they went. Once I have completed that I can just drop them in the file cabinet for future reference.

Finally I would tackle the mail table sort what is necessary and trash the rest. I always find it incredible the amount of junk mail and advertisements we still receive in the day of email and the Internet. After completing this I am going to move somewhat organize the toys even though I know this is futile and within about 15-minuets it will be a complete disaster again at least it was clean for peace of mind. It is funny to me in just talking through my plan of action I feel motivated to complete the organizational tasks needed. Well I think that is enough for now just wanted to keep you all posted on my journey.

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