HYFR Tuesday: As I want to be

Theme: Mindset, identity and Self discovery. I think that this selection captures some of that essences. It started when the first track Come as you are which is a classic[...]

Next on Plane…..Serialization

The blogging 101 assignment today is something that I have struggled with since I started blogging. The task is to come up with a serialized post. Now I understand the[...]

Assumption/Alright: a race discussion

So I read and commented on a post the other day, "What It's Like Not Being White" the author Laila was insightful, charming and personal about her experience not being white. Thinking about[...]

eight more than 92 with me..

Life is funny sometimes and catches us off guard with the unexpected surprises. I am sitting back listening to a created Pandora rolling station. There are intricacies in the variation[...]