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Blogging 101: Day 2

So today’s assignment is to change the title and tag-line for the blog. at first I really struggled with this as I chose the current title, “Eyes closed, Mind open” and tag-line: “Sharing things I think quietly, with those that admire me  Remember MTV Diaries? This something like that .” because I envision the blog as an extension of my journey in self expression and enlightenment. I sampled the tag-line from J.Cole’s verse in Cole Summer. 

As I’ve said, most of my thoughts are always connected to a verse track or song. So with that said I think that it is time for a new revised vision. Something that really inspires and captures my state and future progress to grow as a creative.

So without further ado , the new name and tag -line , PLANE, Finding my intersection between dreams and reality.

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  1. koolitzable August 4, 2015


  2. Hugo Finley August 4, 2015

    To be fair I like both the titles you have used and both the tag lines… I have not been nearly as inventive.

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