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Life is funny sometimes and catches us off guard with the unexpected surprises. I am sitting back listening to a created Pandora rolling station. There are intricacies in the variation that listening to streaming music services provide lending to create a uniquest atmosphere where one can move through genres, artists and tempos to have a very unique and personal experience. I had to take a break from my itunes/ipod mix just to see what is new. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was real and let my passion and creativity run while. this reminds me of a track/video that I watched the other day for the song, 100 by Game ft Drake. This made me think about being real and authentic.

Reflecting on my recent tour of blogs and taking the blogging 101 class to improve my blog and writing, I wanted to provide some context. Struggling with something I read about not acknowledging to the reader that I was taking a blogging class. This left me feeling ashamed, and as if I were creating half hearted posts by not letting the reader understand this part of my journey. While this may work for some, most even. I started the blog with the intention to show my journey raw, unfiltered and unhindered. I want the reader to experience my story, my soul, my bias and my truths. I want the reader to come to an understanding that what they read is my creativity bleeding on the keys, writing words of conviction but thoughtful reflection. I had to stop on a song that I heard a couple of days ago. So going back to the song 100 by Game because at this moment I wanted to make it really clear that i want this blog to be authentic, 100.
The Verses and hook of this track speak volumes to me about authenticity. I realize that whether you understand the struggle, enjoy the beat there is meaning in the struggle and loss. So I want to leave you with the real. Take a look at the video.

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  1. koolitzable August 6, 2015

    Looking forward for you real blogging

  2. Nancy Wang August 6, 2015

    WOW, Your blog is beautiful and you write like a poet. Or maybe you are, haha.

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