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The blogging 101 assignment today is something that I have struggled with since I started blogging. The task is to come up with a serialized post. Now I understand the reasoning behind it. This allows the reads to have at least some idea of a posting schedule and allows the author to have some accountability and responsibility to the reader to provide regular blog updates regardless of schedule. There are several topics that I have been wrestling with anywhere from a photos, to curation to things that are passing fancies like fashion. Though these are ideas I’ve had and some are implemented with great success in other blogs that is not a part of my purpose for blogging.
I started this journey with my readers to show my creative side and life. Though if I had to think of a common theme in most of my posts it would be music. Thinking of what is appropriate for me to do as a serialized post I am looking at something that involves music.
I took some time to review some of my previous posts  using some of the stats and metrics that WordPress provides I was able to see the top posts and wanted some feedback,
What are some of your favor post and why? Just respond in the comments.
Looking back at the experiences and the voice that flows from these pieces I think that I am going to do a bi-weekly H.Y.F.R Tuesday. Why H.Y.F.R? I was inspired by the song from Drake feat Lil Wayne because it is about questions, loyalty, and honesty.

Excerpt: from H.Y.F.R by Drake feat. Lil Wayne
Promises, I hope I never break ’em
Met a female dragon, had a fire conversation
But, interviews are like confessions
Get the fuck up out my bedroom confusing me with questions like

Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?
Are you single? I heard you fucked your girl, is it true?
You getting money? You think them niggas you with is with you?
And I say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah, fuckin’ right, fuckin’ right, alright
And we say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah, fuckin’ right, fuckin’ right, alright

I will post a short playlist for the day of 5-10 songs based on a theme.  Then I would like if my readers would comment and propose songs with a theme, i.e. H.Y.F.R: the questions that we yearn to ask. So let me start. I do realize that this is not Tuesday but for the sake of serialization I wanted to start today and see if I get feedback, then I will issue a new playlist on Tuesday August 25th.
H.Y.F.R Tuesday
Theme:  Body image and intimacy. With the end of summer this has been on my mind a great deal.
Playlist:  These songs are in no particular order as I let the playlist shuffle.

  1. Talking body– Tove Lo
  2. Can’t feel my face–The Weeknd
  3. Simple things-Miguel
  4. Female robbery -The Neighborhood
  5. So fresh so clean-Outkast

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