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Neighbors and Bodies.

Anger as defined: Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. Often it indicates when one’s basic boundaries are violated.

So I wanted to capture the sense of how my weekend started. I have had various instances with my neighbors whom do not appreciate others property. On several occasions I have had to reprimand the grown children  (27 and 30) of next door neighbor whom also live in the home. Advising them that it is a liability to have them play basketball on the court in my drive way. I tried to be cordial about this but this has only escalated and caused tensions between myself and the neighbors.

Then on several other occasion there has been disputes about the property line. This has been an on-going struggle to me for what seems like a small matter as it all started because of how we tend to cut our grass. Unfortunately our neighbors decided one previous weekend to use some sort of chemical to draw a line down the lawn killing the grass. Then the next occurrence happened this weekend when on Saturday I was confronted about what our neighbor believed was the property line they said they had someone come out to set up stakes at where this was; however I am a little skeptical because after showing her the diagrams sent by the surveyors and the conversation that I had with them she decided to take the flags which were only placed in the front of the property out. I followed up with the surveyor and they confirmed my suspicion that in most cases all sides of the property would be marked to denote property boundaries not just the front. This is just ridiculous. This is why the feature image explained exactly how I felt on Saturday just plain and simple ANGRY.

There are severals things that came to mind and since I was listing to music while trying to mow my lawn I immediately had to find a song that would start to give me peace of mind so I started to listen to Drowning Pool -Bodies. No because of the message but these neighbors just irritate and anger me to that point. So needless to say I finished my lawn and immediately went back into my house where I could just get away.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful took my daughter to have a play date with some of my wife’s friends and took it easy hanging out with family on Sunday.

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