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Keeping it simple

I took it easy this weekend as I like to do most weekends that I am allowed to. I say allowed to because inevitably the 1+ year-old that runs my house likes to stay active. This weekend I wanted to focus my time on sitting around just getting things done while most of the necessities that are normally get done were completed I achieved success. I was able to spend the weekend in utter simplicity. Simplicity is inspiring it allows focus, rejuvenation and a breath. Taking the time to enjoy the simplicities that life has to offer is one of the pleasures that we have so I find it unfortunate that many do not take the time out to just live. We are too concerned with careers and activities to stop and see life for what it is a grouping of simple experiences.

I also wanted to do something with my blogging. Not to say that I actually wanted to post anything as I wanted to focus on living life, gather material enjoying the simple pleasures; however there is something that I wanted to do. I was given a recommendation by one of my readers whom reached out about our similar interest in music as a backdrop for life, Liza Fernandez. She said that she was currently stuck on listening to a couple of albums by The Killers, Sam’s Town and Days & Age, and if I had sometime or if I was into them take a listen. I take readers comments to heart especially when it comes to new music, since this was what I asked for in my HYFR Tuesday post. See when it comes to music choice my favorite genre is jazz, but I am very much an eclectic. I enjoy experiencing new sounds, emotions and rhythms especially when suggested by someone else as this helps to form connections and allows us to empathize with each other in a more fluid manner.

So I took a listen to The Killers albums, Sam’s Town, Day & Age and Battle Born. I at fist finished the suggested Sam’s Town and Day & Age and could not stop so I decided to take a listen to Battle born. These offered me a melancholy feeling expressing thought, movement, love and doubt. The albums were different yet similar to other artist I had listen to before but brought something that I had never experienced.

So I want to thank Liza Fernandez, what a good choice and recommendation. There is so much music and so little time to experience it all but keeping it simple makes it all worth it.

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