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“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.” Scott Belsky

So as part of this months blogging and writing classes I was tasked with the assignment to create a list. I normally have to really take the time to formulate lists but this one came easier thn usual. I really wanted to commit to my blog and its community. To give the readers an authentic experience with music, creativity and passion so continuing my blogging improvement was a must. I chose the above quote because this is one of the many quotes I have read that come to mind any time I think of making a list. Ideas that are organized and actionable. Putting concepts and themes into action. The same goes for blog so I feel the need to not only increase my personal awareness but learn from others that have a great deal more experience.

The day 2 task was to create a list. It did not matter what kind we chose but we were given several options. I chose something simple 10 things I like. Take a look add comments let me know what you think.

  1. Experiencing life
  2. Learning new things
  3. Missed conversations
  4. Discovering new music
  5. Reading translated Chinese webnovels
  6. Manhua, manga, comics
  7. Being creative
  8. Watching my daughter grow
  9. new technology
  10. Video games

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  1. empress2inspire September 8, 2015

    Hello, I really liked the quote. It is said “God lies in detail”. We all need to break down big goals not small chunks to attain success. Also, I totally agree with experiencing life daily. W all are here to experience this life in own way, have our own learning and carry them forward to the next time. So serene and pure.
    Thanks again for the post. I enjoyed reading it.


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