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How to balance being batman by Bruce wayne. A story of love and balance

Love is a peculiar beast, it catches us by surprise when we least expect it. love can sometimes be the best thing that could happen to us or the worst thing we can ever experince. I am fotunate to say that I have never personnaly experienced the latter of these but know many who have. With love there must be a balance. How we mange that balance is how well we are able to love. The title represents this balance of love fortune and knowledege gained through experience.

Taking pause, I have come to understand that love requires a balance that allows it to mature, grow and change over time. Through each encounter we learn more about it and ourselves. Being fortunate I have come to know 3 aspects of love that account for achieving this balance. Each depends on and strenghtens the other: Self, Familial and Romantic. Like the inner struggle that Bruce Wayne faces between separating and acknowledging his alter ego batman we must under stand the different aspects of ourselves in order to mature and grow through these aspects.

  • The first first self love, not vanity but love is an understanding acceptance of self. Knowing who you are, how you react and how you show love and affection.
  • The second familial is tricky as it matures over time it starts with that of the siblings and friends one has and eventually can become parental if you have the joy of having a child. While nothing can compare to the love between a parent and child it is different not above the other two. Friendship is also unique in its capacity of genuine acceptance.
  • The third which most people think about when we say love.  Is special it can transend race, class and gender amongst other things. An uncondition experience of passion for another person. Each person experiences this differently and while I am by far no expert my journey through love is one that I am proud of. 

My story is told through my realization that my balance came through understanding batman and Bruce Wayne are the same different aspects of the same person. Each gives to the other and allows the experience to mature. My love understanding was played through like a playlist similarly to everything in my life. I can trace each relationship to an encounter of clarity and growth with a song, you can follow my journey in listening to my playlist balance. I matured with each experience and was lucky enough to be ready and willing to meet my wife in college. We have been going strong for 8 years with many more to come. This is all due to us not only understanding ourselves, our familiar love and our romantic love but learning from the previous experiences we had. Each experience helped me be a better husband and partner, man and father. Guided me through trial and helped me understand and accept the unconditional love of my wife.

I dedicate this to my wife, whom I love and Cherish. Our wedding song still holds true, Don’t Change by Music Soulchild.


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