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Sincerely yours: A letter to my daughter, L

Dear L,

My little monster I write to you as a way to impart my knowledge and understanding of the world. Knowing that my understanding is limited, flawed and biased but I will impart to you the most unbiased view that I can while holding you in my warm embrace. I wish I could tell you that life will be easy and that you will not experience any pain or suffering; unfortunately this is not to be the case.

I know that your life will hold many adventures. You will experience love, pain, joy, death and happiness. Please cherish these moments as these experiences are what make life worth living. I would be doing you a great disservice if I did not tell you that it is up to you to reconcile your identity. Yes, you are mixed however that is only a part of who you are do not let it define your limits. Define your journey, set your path and achieve your dreams. As you grow and mature you will be the only one that can fulfill your dreams. L, there will be times where we do not see eye to eye but know me and your mother always have your best interests in mind. 

L, I wish I could protect you from future heartache but you will love, flirt and have your heart broken. Daddy is always here. I understand how the world works and as far as conversations about love and sex go I want you to understand the consequences of your choices. Understand that it is your choice and you will know when you are ready to make it.

In times of distress my daughter read this letter for comfort and understanding knowing that your parents love you truly and deeply. I ask that you let your heart be your guide. Listen to your instincts, empathize with people and be the best human being you possibly can. I take pride in know and being able to be apart of a truly inspiring young woman that I helped raise.

L, I Love You

Sincerely yours,

Your father

P.S. As always enjoy the music life has to offer. While it will be different for your generation enjoy it nonetheless, and here are a few songs I hope will be a comfort.

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  1. lynne1324 September 18, 2015

    Beautifully written, loved this post

  2. jacquelineobyikocha September 18, 2015

    You should print this letter and share it. It is not to be lost somewhere in cyber-space. Very heartwarming read 🙂

  3. rosemawrites September 18, 2015

    Oh my….. I almost cried. This is just so sweet. I have written a letter to my Dad for this task and I believe that you love for your daughter is just as great as my father’s love for me.

    Your daughter is just so lucky to have as his father. You may flaws but your love for her is just perfectly flawless.


  4. Gina Blue September 17, 2015

    I share my “truth” with my adult daughter knowing she will listen; then I support her in whatever she chooses to do, my truth or otherwise. She does the same for me. L is lucky to have you for a dad!

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