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Band of Brothers: a vignette

The Team: 

 I met DB the fall of my freshman year in high school. It was like the line from, Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang,
 It’s the capital S, oh yes I’m fresh, N double-O P
D O double G Y, D O double G, ya see
I had joined the spell bowl team as a way to meet more people. We hit it off as our love for music can to the surfaced we talked fuel, Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre. No genre was off limits no song too far out there. It was the making of a long and genuine friendship.

The Worship: 

 hss__ra7svzI met JC through the church the fall of my sophomore year in high school. I was asked by the Youth group leader to help
the new Pastor’s Kid (PK) adjust to the move to the city. He was older but naive about life. Sheltered because of religion and obligation. I took him under my wing introduced him to life in the city.  I taught him about fashion, girls, and the life of a teenager. I showed him the truth, it was only natural as this was just the beginning. I introduced him to secular music. It was the era of pop boy bands, JC was preppy and so we often jammed to top 40 hits,  . A true friendship was forged as time not spent in school was spent together between hanging out playing basketball, shopping, eating pizza and listening to music. It was the constance of these that we used avoid the troubles of life as a teenager in the city.

The Meeting: 

It was the spring of my sophomore year in high school when JC stopped me in the hall said are we still on for tonight the usual. I was like you got to be kidding me, yes the same as usual. He said that there was someone I would like for you to meet. After school we met as usual for Pizza at our favorite place as always. JC said I want you to meet someone he should be here shortly. I was like okay. Then DB walked in I just started and we started to laugh, JC was clueless. He was like whats going on. We explained how we already knew each other and how the two of us had met. Me and DB brought JC up to speed about music, girls and life as we had already talked about these. That was the meeting when we added DB and became inseparable. We spent almost everyday together for the next year and a half.  Playing ball, eating pizza, shopping, music, movies and youth group. We went to parties together, made trips together we formed a friendship, it was classic we often compared our friendship to that of movies like, The Wood and The Best man, friendships that would stand the test of time.  Then following each of our graduations, we separated keeping in touch throughout college.

The Reunion:

ee109dc318a13f6d632286b24f270e53It was summer of 2005 when we all got together it was funny we had all talked about marriage and in high school we had always thought that the order we would get married in was DB, Me and then JC, maybe, But it was happening in the reverse. JC was getting married me and DB had talked and knew each other was going to the wedding and were in the weeding party. We got there a couple of days early so we could hang out and reminisce. It was just like being back in high school: Basketball, pizza, and music. We added a trip to a night club and alcohol given our age. Nonetheless it was the same falling back into the rhythm of our classic friendship. The wedding went splendid though it would be several more years before we will all get together. It never changes when we are together. The Jokes, the stories the camaraderie and the love. This was my extended family, though not by blood it was by choice men that I would go to any lengths for.

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