Defining the intersection between listening and living

“Soul Glo”

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

I wish I could tell you that I had a favorite song, could give you a 10 song playlist that describes my life, but I cannot just narrow it down. A part of my blog is presenting instances, snap shots, ideas and raw emotion that has been influenced by music. Using music as a vehicle and backdrop to allow the reader a window into my life and world. To me music is a quintessential aspect of my life and much like the quote above life would be a mistake without it.

Music helps provide clarity of the mind to recall past events, relive interactions and often spurs imagination. It can bring too people together, help you get through tough breakups and often help you navigate through life.

Music is the life blood to this blog. It allows me to give context and clarity to my posts and also allows me to help the reader gain a sense of what I feel when I write.

Frequently when writing posts I find that I am listening to the music that I reference in the post. Often times I just let the songs or playlist repeat so that I can immerse myself in the euphoric sounds.

with that said today I was listening to Ludaversal by Ludacris and just could not help but to keep stopping on the song, “Come and See Me” ft. Big K.R.I.T.;  I have been stuck on this part of the verse for much of today as it just reminds me of the reference to the Last dragon movie from the 80’s bringing back so must nostalgia. 

 Hanging out the window servin’ niggas like a late-night Wendy’s drivethrough

Tweeters, speakers, jeekers fiendin’, diamond in the back my nigga
I got two white girls, think I oughta have a curl in return of the mack, my nigga

It’s the return of the ‘Lac
Riding on so many horses they think I’m playing polo
Candy paint drippin’ like a Jheri curl, nigga, I’mma let my soul glo
Fleet, flickin’, screaming, bitches, pitchin’, counter, past fate
And all of the women get jealous cause of the way my car can make its ass shake
Last to base, in the face
The law’s right beside
me, my window tint, dawg

So take a listen and check out the blog and the track. Sometime as Like the title I just want the music to let my,


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