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I have been thinking of doing a poll for a while now and in both my writing and blogging courses this was one of the assignments. I often struggle trying to elicit feedback from my readers as I am never sure what to ask. I got to thinking about my blog and the assignment and decide to ask, about music genres. I write in length about life and the music I listen too so I wanted to know what other listen to?

Take a moment complete the poll and leave a comment with your favorite group or artist from the genre you chose.

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  1. Tracey Rains September 25, 2015

    How can you listen to music and get anything done? If I have music on, listening to it is all I can do; I can’t not focus on it. I’m so envious that you can have music on while you work. If I’m getting too stressed by what I’m trying (focus on trying) to write, I turn on television, which I can easily ignore. But music…

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