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All that glitters

So I normally take the weekend off from my blog to center, refresh and renew. This weekend however I felt compelled to write after a day of mowing, cleaning and relaxation.My wife and daughter went to the apple orchard with friends, while Imfinished cleaning and took the rest of the time to relax alone. I choose to take the time to watch movies the first as for pure entertainmeant a dragon all anime movie and the second was a dance movie Step up: All in.
After watching the second movie, Step up: all in, I was reminded of the importance of family and a support system.  Being around those that you consider your home, people you know are there for you no matter what the circumstance and not taking them for granted. Life will always have its obstacles and trial but we must not loose sight on what is important.
The movie  got me thinking about the phrase,

All that glitter is not gold

This may be becuase the primary places for the movie were Hollywood and Las Vegas. I was thinking about the time I spent out west and the differences in lifestyle. Not that I would ever really go back but there is a distinct focus on glitz and glamor.

It’s a production the same that I see all too often in my day to day environment and though I no longer live out west people seem to seek the extravagant. So many put up a smoke screen in order to pursuance others of their success. I try to look for the raw truth and authentic. All that glitters is not gold but to me the values and lessons that the movie brings up just resonated with the thoughts and feeling that I had been experiencing lately.
Family is the place that will always accept us no matter the faults or circumstance. So my gold does glitter and it is my family. I have written several times about my wife and my daughter as the memories that I make with them will last a life time. So I ask my readers to take some time and listen to the soundtrack , if you have time rent the movie, but above all cherish the family you have with all there faults and flaws as these are the people that will stand by you.

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