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So yesterday’s posts was about analyzing stats and today’s posts was about retooling a previous idea, concept or draft. I had worked on this for sometime so I decided to publish this a single entry instead of two.

A few weeks back  I started looking through older posts, revisiting the moments and trying to determine what lessons I had learned. Now that I was over a year into my blogging I needed to understand where I had been, had to focused on where I was going and was looking for insight. Insight that didn’t come. At this point I normally turn to music =, so I turned on Spotify and let the random radio station play, The song Visions by The Maine came on.

I felt I was having a discovery. I could see that my blog had matured but felt that I could reach further, deeper and let my readers experience more. A more personal connection. I then noticed that I had several drafts for posts that had started but never been finished. One on the numbers, one on career and one on a more political setting that I was still in the middle of fleshing out.

I thought about my time away from blogging, what was I experiencing. Most of the time was spent contemplating my next career move. I had had a great deal of conversations with my wife about my upcoming six sigma class and  my job search once it was completed.  She asked me if I wanted more; Yes, I wanted more. I wanted to do right by my family and provide more stability so I needed a better career path not just for myself but for us.

I then had to think about what I needed other than my career. What I needed to keep my sanity was my creative outlet. Without realizing it blogging had become that outlet. I needed a greater understanding of myself, my journey and life. I wanted my blog to be a reflection of my soul as much as possible.  Publishing my blog posts had given me an unforeseen feeling of euphoria. When I started a little over a year ago it was just to get some of my thoughts out to a community, but it has become something more.

I found that while I enjoyed the expression it also allowed me to engage in another level unlike any other. I was also able to engage my analytical side by reviewing numbers, figures and analytics that aid me in determining the best times to publish, what content and how I am doing. While these numbers started out small they helped me focus. I am an analytic, fascinated by data and numbers. Data and numbers tell a story winding down a path forming an resolution a discovery. They provide validation and power when those are needed and a reasoning for moving on.

I played it by the numbers looking at when to publish the Hyfer Tuesday post and now knowing what my readers enjoy. I am  examining a few ideas fleshing out possibilities. Looking of the moment when to present some new content. I am not there yet but soon. Take a look this is what a post that was started a couple of months after I had started my blog looks like almost a year later.

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