While Dreaming

So Sunday night and yesterday night while I was going through my process listening to songs taking notes observing I got this idea. I considered the thoughts that I had while dreaming when I heard Beck song, “Dreams” this sparked an excitement. From then on I knew that this would be the focal song for this week’s playlist and while I had heard songs that would go well it just was not what I was looking for. So in dreaming I often think of being better, what success looks like, what is happiness? So while dreaming I constructed this playlist takes a listen what emotions does it stir? Does it resonate with you? Let’s see what happens while dreaming

Take a listen to this weeks Playlist based on my thoughts I had while dreaming.
Here we are (oh oh oh)
Running circles, around around around around
When nothing’s right, just close your eyes
Close your eyes and you’re gone

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