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StandOut report!

I was considering how last week ended and the weekend. I am currently gearing up to start my last six sigma course and am in the process of transitioning groups at work. We had a team building exercise this past Friday called STANDOUT. It was rather enlightening.
Far too often we do not have groups or companies that invest in the progress and development of their employees. I am realizing that transitioning groups is one of the best decisions that I have made in a while. During the engagement exercise the instructor was playing a mix of songs and while none particular spurred this playlist this week they all contributed to my take away.
I spent the time exploring and reviewing the material. I was intrigued by the further depth that the book provided. Below you can find my StandOut:


Greatest Value to the team: Your ability to link your ideas to our growth.
You are a revolutionary, a reformist. You love being exposed to new paradigms and inspire others to experiment alongside you. You discover myriad ways to skin the proverbial cat, and you have the energy to explore them all because you want to learn as much as possible from the process. You are drawn to researching the latest ways to learn and to teach, and you happily give feedback to other creators about how to improve their creations. You are constructive, supportive and inquisitive. You have self-awareness, catching yourself when you are stuck in a pattern or mental model that does not serve you or the people you serve. This ability to self-manage your limiting beliefs is one of your greatest assets
Take a listen to this weeks Playlist that was inspired by my team building course and introspection.

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