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Autumn Leaves

Another year another season as October started and ended I thought about the myriad of trips, visits and excursions I had planned. Autumn is the beginning of the holiday season. Family trips, visits and a multitude of events from weddings to funerals all to promote and encourage togetherness.

Autumn is also a time for reflection. Leaves change, die, fall and are born a new in the spring; with reflection comes memory. I recall the post that I wrote remembering the passing of a wonderful mentor and matriarch my grandmother. It has been two years since she past and while I often think of her she is in a much better place. Her birthday was in December and it often reminds me that if not for her I would not be the man that I am today. She valued education above most things and family was essential. This time of year was her favorite because it meant more time with family, and while sometime family is complicated I would not change it for the world.

In reminiscing about my grandmother and the changes that autumn makes I feel that there is something that just cannot be described much like the song from Jennifer Hudson. I can say that while in reflection this song brought me some solace in understanding the feelings that were bubbling up. I had been taking time from blogging to concentrate on the start of my six sigma course and just to read the stories from others. I just read a post from Cheri Lucas Rowlands; Gone to November which makes reference to an album by Wyclef Jean that is one of my favorite go-to for reflection. It speaks of journey, of struggle and of perseverance. I found myself thinking of the first time I heard the album it was out there with a sophisticated melody that spoke of a struggle. A conscious thought process this would have been in the summer of my seventh grade year so I was looking for a way to explore music. It was the year I decided to give up the clarinet and choir. I was done with performing music and only wanted to be a by-standard for the thoughts and emotions that it conveyed.

I found that the album the carnival meant a great deal to me while Jennifer Hudson’s song brings an indescribable feeling and understanding that captures how I see autumn. The leaves change again and I think on the weekend of the wedding and visiting my best friend. I miss that coming home feeling being around my best friends is almost like we are not states apart it is home. A brother that you have not seen for a while knows you like the back of your hand and is waiting for that hug. You sit and talk about nothing and everything. The week end helped me recharge. The wedding was fun got to see friends from college talk about life and the future a wonderful experience. Then this past weekend my in-laws were in town which is always fun. Time with their granddaughter, rest as a parent who would not be happy. I look forward to the continuation of autumn, the holiday season and time with family.

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  1. Liza Fernandez November 7, 2015

    It’s nice to read about your grandmother and her special influence on you.

  2. Cheri Lucas Rowlands November 6, 2015

    Thanks for reading (and referencing) my post — it was nice to hear your own connection to The Carnival. I like how you described it — sophisticated sounds that speak about struggle. I’ve so many memories attached to the album… I love it.

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