I am ___________

Lately I been trying to catch up on my reading. Experiencing the blogs that I follow from a lot of different angles. I have wanted to just take time to read for the past several weeks now and lets just say that it hasn’t disappointed me. From Angles wings to Free bird to how to cope with grief and finally I blame the media. While each of these provided insight and perspective each lent itself for my own interpretation. For me each had a piece that spoke to identity. The identity of the reader, the identity of the author and the tone of the message passed through the screen and enveloped my being.

Thinking a great deal about this weeks playlist I decided that it would focus on identity, but not just that of the reader but also the author. Scope and point of view allow us to internalize and grow, while identity is something that we choose to define ourselves. We often use characteristics, words or concepts to identify with fat, tall, short, skinny, Goth, geek and basic for a few examples and as these are labels that feed into our greater identity what we ultimately choose to consume also contributes be it our experiences, the friends we choose or the music we listen to. We are the ultimate manufactures of pour identity.

From catching up on reading and looking at persepcitves this post was partly born the other part is from the massive amount of memes that I have been exposed to all surrounding  Drake’s song Hotline Bling.

Drake is a self proclaimed dork this is the image which he rightly identifies with be it for his previous experiences as a teen soap opera star or for the dance moves he displaces in the video it is something that he resonates with. Body image, character, attributes are all things we often resonate with these and use to them in defining our identity. With this weeks playlist take a listen  and think of your own identity as a reader, an author of a blog or just passer by. If you are will shout out one word that you often use to describe yourself in the comments.

I am __________

I am vintage

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