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Anywhere but here: Destination NA

With the recent unfortunate events of the tragedy in Paris I got to thinking about places that I wanted to travel. You know those places that we stayed up late nights fantasizing about visiting when we go bigger. There are several of those that I have had the opportunity to visit and apart of that is making time to see the world I venture to look a the globe that I own and spin it several time a year.
I understand that not everyone feels as I do and not everyone wants to leave or travel there is a comforting feeling about finding home much like a great deal of the music that I have found there is solace in home but there is also excitement in discovery and the unknown. Take a listen to this weeks playlist of songs inspired about places. anytime that I take a listen to these songs it makes me want to visit these places and many other just so I can recreate and create memories much like these.

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