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I decided to come back to the update post because I felt that my readers deserved  more insight into what I am working on. My thoughts on the posts and frequency have been well received. The weekly hyfer Tuesday posts have evolved since I originally started. This is good but I still think that they could be better. I want a more personal connection with my reader base and for you to get to know more about my personality. So as far as real content I am working on a blogging series of posts that will be categorized as Labeled:Notorious. In the first post of the series I will explain things a little more. Working on content, combing through my archive of posts and wanting to find a very fluid and genuine style is where I have been.

The series will highlight identity and be very personal. I intend for each post to highlight some aspect about myself, my views, core values  and my human experience. I also plan to ask for my readers to actively comment, send me your experiences, your views and your opinions. I will say that some posts will be more for a shock-value but all will be real, raw and authentic to the blog. So look for the following posts and the music that accompanies these posts.

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